Just Out of Curiosity – What Are the Inlet Holes on the CCELL Cartridges?

CCELL Marketing 2018-12-25

One of the many things that CCELL is well-known to our customers and distributors is the pure and smooth flavor the products create. Though the iconic ceramic heating elements play such an important role in the making of the magic, it is not a “one-man” show. Every little part of the cartridge matters. 

You have probably (or haven’t) noticed the tiny inlet holes at the bottom of the cylindrical metal screw barrel inside of the cartridge, and been curious about what they do. Here is how they contribute to making the amazing CCELL vaping experience whole. 

There are 4 tiny inlet holes at the bottom of the metal screw barrel and they, as the name indicates, let the oil in. After the cartridge is filled, they will be in the oil, and let it get to the ceramic core in just the proper amount. 

The amount of oil that gets vaporized each time affects the flavor and the entire user experience directly. If too much oil is let in, chances are spitback might happen through the mouthpiece by inhaling. If too little oil is in, then it may be burnt and the taste becomes contaminated.  

However, how do these inlet holes help let the proper amount of oil in? Various types of oil can have drastically different viscosities, and the R&D team at CCELL went through rigorous research and experiment and found the best size range for the inlet holes. For oils with a thicker texture, it won’t be too hard to flow in. On the other hand, smaller inlet holes prevent more fluid oils from rushing in. 

Currently, these inlet holes come in mainly 5 different sizes, 1.2mm (diameter), 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, and 2.0mm, and basically are compatible with all types of oil viscosity. The size of the inlet holes can also be customized to meet customers’ needs. 

Just like Rome was not built in one day, the world-class quality and cutting-edge technology of the industry don’t come easy. It takes not only a great vision for the future, the dedication to reaching for perfection but also the unwavering effort put into crafting every single detail.  


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