How to Check if Your CCELL Cartridges Are Authentic?

CCELL Marketing 2018-12-20

It is Oscar Wilde who once said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As a leading innovator of the industry, way too often, CCELL is flattered by copycat competitors on the way to perfection. Lately, we have been asked an increasing number of questions regarding verifying the authentic CCELL cartridges. In this article, we will touch on a few things you can do to check if your CCELL cartridges are real, without having to tear them apart or conduct any technical analysis.

1. Unique Product Component

CCELL is well-known for the one and only ceramic heating elements that play a vital role in creating extraordinary performances. To make sure our customers have the best experience, creators at CCELL spared no efforts to designing and developing special product components. They complement the core heating part and allow the magic to happen to the fullest.  

a) Silicone Rings

Typically, there are multiple white semitransparent silicone rings that were placed inside the cartridge. Depending on different types of CCELL cartridges.

If the mouthpiece is removable, you could probably spot 3 small silicone rings easily at the bottom of the mouthpiece, the top of the airway itself and the bottom of the airway inside the cartridge. 

For the cartridges with mouthpieces that can’t be removed, you are most likely to see one tiny silicone ring at where the mouthpiece and cartridge are connected when you turn the cartridge upside down.

If you look closely at those rings and find they don’t fit in with the descriptions above. Then it may not be a legitimate CCELL cartridge. 

b) Inlet Holes

There are 6 inlet holes located on each CCELL cartridge. If you look closely, you will see 4 of them at the base of the airway and the other 2 air inlet holes at the bottom of the cartridge. If the number or the location of the inlet holes don’t match the standard, then chances are you got a knockoff.

2. CCELL Laser Engraved Logo

All CCELL cartridges should have the CCELL logo laser engraved either on the bottom metal collar or at the bottom of the cartridge itself. 

3. A Serial Number

We started generating and laser-engraving serial numbers at the bottom of the cartridges since mid-2016. It begins with C, L, A, M or CA and is followed by a series of numbers. Therefore, if a serial number is missing or doesn’t follow this rule, it’s likely that you have a fake CCELL cartridge. If you are still not sure about the authenticity of your cart, please contact us for further verification.

Besides all the product specs and facts we introduced above, CCELL vaporizers are also known for producing massive clouds of vapor and pure flavor. These could potentially help you to tell a real CCELL cartridge from a knockoff as well. 

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