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CCELL anticipates booming prospect of Canadian market
Marketing Dep. 2018-01-11
CCELL anticipates booming prospect of Canadian market

Annual sales in Canada has more than tripled since the early 1990s, CCELL has decided to seize this opportunity by stepping into Canadian market with strong ambition. Sales and marketing elites were sent to Lift Expo Toronto 26th to 28th last month. 

The feedback from clients and end users is positive, and the outcome of this participation is fruitful. As the second Chinese exhibitor of Lift in this emerging market, CCELL has risen a lot of attention from large scale local distributors. Some of the potential cooperation partnerships are undergoing.

We also learned that almost 70% of the exhibit products are related to botanical ingredients, which means huge space for development of extracted oil product due to its convenience, portability and easy-maintenance. We have every evidence to believe that CCELL will accelerate the process of extracted oil permeating the market.


Last but not the least, CCELL has confirmed to continue attending Lift Vancouver 2018 in next January. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends in Vancouver again! 

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