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CCELL’s Stunning Presence in MJBizCon 2017
Joe 2017-11-08

CCELL proudly presented their latest product line in the largest gathering event in this industry, the MJBizCon in November 14th-17th 2017, Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, CCELL has drawn huge attention and attracted many business interests from thousands of industrial professionals once again. Every visitor who has dropped by CCELL booth is excited to learn about such an innovative product. More and more visitors lingered around the booth being inspired by CCELL’s first-of-its-kind technology.



CCELL is the abbreviation of ceramic heating elements of portable vaporizer pen. It represents the highest standard of vaporizing technology so far. CCELL was specially designed to replace conventional wick based coil which comes with uneven heat distribution, ineffective heating process and inevitable burnt taste. Through the patented ceramic formula with nanoscale inlet holes, paired with high performance battery, CCELL is able to absorb and vaporize high viscosity essential oil more efficiently and effectively producing large vapor volume, pure flavor, and really intensified user experience.

MJBizCon undoubtedly is the biggest unparalleled education and networking opportunity in the entire industry. This year, the outcome of MJBizCon is definitely record-breaking with 18, 000 attendees and 678 exhibitors. The scale of exhibits expends to every corner from dirt, seeds, finance and consultation to all forms of hemp products and packaging. CCELL as the leading player of packaging brand for extracted essential oil, is a valuable replenishment to MJBizCon’s exhibit category because it perfectly filled the vacancy in current market.


Under the guidance of “lead to perfection”, CCELL will continue serving its clients and end consumers by providing premium quality and extraordinary performance. See you in next year in MJBizCon 2018!